It's not uncommon for people to ask, "What's a bunkie board?". A bunkie board is, basically, a substitute for a foundation and it's used (most commonly) with bunk beds. It's much thinner than a standard foundation and prevents a mattress from sliding through the bunk bed's supports - which are typically widely spaced apart. Placing a mattress on a bunk bed without a bunkie board creates a sleep environment which is both uncomfortable and, more importantly, unsafe. A small percentage of bunk beds have supports which are sufficently close togther so as to make a bunkie board unneccessary (about 5% of those sold in the U.S.). If you've purchased bunk beds and are shopping for mattresses, in most cases, you will need bunkie boards. In a twin size you may want to consider a 1-piece foam bunkie - a mattress and bunkie board "all-in-one". Click here for details

Bunkie boards come in standard bunk beds sizes, twin and full.




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