We all know that a happy, productive day starts with a good night's rest. If your not getting high quality, restorative sleep you suffer in virtually every aspect of your life. If you've been putting off replacing that old, worn-out bedding we've got good news. Absolutely no one delivers a quality night's rest at a lower price than Wholesale Warehouse - we guarantee it, in writing! At Wholesale Warehouse you can choose from a terrific selection of comfort and styles, get a great night's sleep, and rest assured that you're getting the best deal on a new mattress anywhere.

Save on your new mattress

At Wholesale Warehouse we're committed to always giving you the most bed for your money - and we'll never be undersold. Find the same mattress set anywhere else for less and we won't just meet the price, we'll beat the price - guaranteed! And we'll honor coupons from any other retailer, too. There's simply no reason to shop anywhere else. To learn more click here.

Q: Can I buy just a mattress - or just a foundation?
A: Yes - we sell these items separately.

Q: Do I need a split (2-piece) foundation?
A: That depends - if getting a set into your home requires navigating around a very tight corner or dealing with a low ceiling, you may need a split box. Split foundations are available for both full and queen size; all king sets are always sold with a split foundation. To learn more, click here.

Q: Do you sell RV and waterbed sizes?
A: Yes - most of the models we carry are available in all sorts of odd sizes. To learn more click here.

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Our recipe for success....great value & great service!

Wholesale Warehouse has been serving the needs of southeastern Michigan shoppers for almost 3 decades, now. Our recipe for longevity in this business is simple: we consistently offer the best values and prices, anywhere, and offer the best service before and after the sale. We know that repeat business is key to our continued growth and success. Customer satisfaction has - and always will be - our number one priority. Anyone can sell you something once but, if the product and service don't meet or exceed your expectations, we know you won't be back - and our customers keep coming back and back!

More bang for your buck!

We've got a great line-up of beds - a wide variety of styles and models - from what we think are the best manufacturers in the country, BedBoss & PostureCraft. Both of these companies offer remarkable value for the dollar. You'll be shocked at how much bed you can get for your money, regardless of your budget.

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Most Popular

Phase 1 Euro Top
Queen Set   $279.00
King Set      $399.00
By PostureCraft

Phase 2 Double Pillowtop
Queen Set   $399.00
King Set      $649.00
By PostureCraft

Phase 4 Double Pillowtop
Queen Set   $599.00
King Set      $799.00
By PostureCraft

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